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Noun1.adactylia - congenital absence of fingers and/or toes
meromelia - congenital absence of part of an arm or leg
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Limb defects are the most common, particularly Adactylia or Hypodactylia in hands or feet or both (with or without syndactyly).
Introduction and objective: the aglossia adactylia syndrome is an infrequently occurring congenital polymalformative syndrome, having unclear aetiology and inheritance pattern.
Presentation of the case: a newborn having phenotypical aglossia adactylia syndrome characteristics, the son of a 17-year-old mother having antecedents of having used a 400 microgram oral dose and a 200 microgram vaginal dose of misoprostol at 10 weeks' gestation with the aim of interrupting her pregnancy.