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a. The act or process of adapting.
b. The state of being adapted.
a. Something, such as a device or mechanism, that is changed or changes so as to become suitable to a new or special application or situation.
b. A composition that has been recast into a new form: The play is an adaptation of a short novel.
3. Biology
a. Change or adjustment in structure or habits by which a species becomes better able to function in its environment, occurring through the course of evolution by means of natural selection.
b. A structure or habit that results from this process.
4. Physiology The responsive adjustment of a sense organ, such as the eye, to varying conditions, such as light intensity.
5. Change in behavior of a person or group in response to new or modified surroundings.

ad′ap·ta′tion·al adj.
ad′ap·ta′tion·al·ly adv.


of or relating to adaptation
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Adj.1.adaptational - of or relating to adaptationadaptational - of or relating to adaptation  
adaptative, adaptive - having a capacity for adaptation; "the adaptive coloring of a chameleon"
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In this case, deeply ingrained survival principles of evolutionary laws of nature, regarding infectious agents and their sophisticated adaptational properties to hostile agents, have been betrayed.
Avdeyeva (2010) suggests that the ideology of the governing party does not prohibit policy adoption per se (which occurs anyway on account of EU adaptational pressure) but has a significant effect on the implementation of policy.
Rather, he wants to understand "the adaptational mistakes now darkly shadowing the human prospect, and to gather the light of ecological guidance into better illumination.
Molecular data reveal some major adaptational shifts in the early evolution of the most diverse avian family, the Furnariidae.
Stress and adaptational outcomes: The problem of confounded measures.
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A stress and coping framework is helpful for mental health professionals to understand the range of adaptational responses made by family members to the stress of caring for a mentally ill relative.
Nowadays, due to several contextual factors of peacekeeping operations, such as multi dimensionality, flexibility and cultural diversity, peacekeepers encounter communicational and adaptational problems [3].
Among adaptational measures in the agricultural sector (mainly in farmery) we can mention: restructuring of agricultural land; development of water-preserving technologies; soil defense (including erosion control); development of biotechnologies and selection of new agricultural plants; increase in productivity due to increase in using of fertilizers and plant-protecting agents and so on.