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v. a·dapt·ed, a·dapt·ing, a·dapts
1. To make suitable to or fit for a specific use or situation: adapted the novel into a movie; adapted the company policy to take internet use into account.
2. To cause to be able to survive and reproduce under certain conditions. Used in the passive: "Every species is adapted to a rather restricted selection of properties of the environment" (Ernst Mayr).
To become adapted: a species that has adapted to a low-oxygen environment.

[Middle English adapten, from Latin adaptāre : ad-, ad- + aptāre, to fit (from aptus, fitting; see apt).]

a·dapt′ed·ness n.
Synonyms: adapt, accommodate, adjust, conform, fit1
These verbs mean to make suitable to or consistent with a particular situation or use: adapted themselves to city life; can't accommodate myself to the new requirements; adjusting their behavior to the rules; conforming my life to accord with my moral principles; fitting the punishment to the crime.


1. suitability
2. the state of having been adapted
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This behavior does not need to be learned because it has been naturally selected in our ancestors' environment of evolutionary adaptedness.
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It interpreted said modules as the "imprint" of the characteristic of the environment--referred to by EP as the environment of evolutionary adaptedness (EEA)--that prevailed during the time period in question.
Para Kirch la adaptacion cultural consiste en "the continuous modification of those behavioral patterns in response to changing environments, by means of selective retention of behavior that confers increased adaptedness upon the members of that society" (Kirch, 1980: 110).
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FPP employ a sense of 'fitness' of an organism as a kind of overall adaptedness which fosters confusion in understanding natural selection.
A basic tenet of evolutionary psychology is that humans have evolved domain-specific abilities in response to recurring conditions in the environment of evolutionary adaptedness.
Those psychological mechanisms are adaptations to the way of life of hunter-gatherer of the Pleistocene and not necessarily to our modern circumstances and they were designed to solve the adaptative problems of our ancestors in this Environment of Evolutionary Adaptedness (EEA).