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1. Relating to or exhibiting adaptation.
2. Readily capable of adapting or of being adapted: an adaptive worker; adaptive clothing for children with special needs.

a·dap′tive·ly adv.
a·dap′tive·ness, ad′ap·tiv′i·ty (ăd′ăp-tĭv′ĭ-tē) n.
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in an adaptive manner
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This historic building will be adaptively re-used and incorporated into an assisted living facility for seniors.
An intelligent algorithm, which is activated at the press of a button or adaptively, optimizes the amplifier parameters so that the transmitter operates at maximum energy efficiency.
This edition has been updated to include recent developments, and it has more on industry trends towards innovative funding methods and lessons from project failures, as well as new content on the need to plan adaptively for the realities of changing climate and intensifying weather, restoration projects, social justice, and ecosystem services.
Treatment of the second eye will be adaptively incorporated into the trial.
"With headline inflation falling more sharply, we think inflation expectations will also start to adjust lower in the coming months, given they tend to form adaptively," Nomura Securities said.
Ligalig explained an annual heritage fund was likewise included in the ordinance which will be used in the preservation and promotion of the city's heritage properties plus a tax incentive will also be given to owners who will adaptively reuse their properties.
As a result, they become more skilled in responding adaptively to situations as they arise.
At GITEX Technology Week 2018, AccelStor is displaying its newest flagship all-flash storage array, the NeoSapphire H710 that boasts "best-in-class performance, a complete and intelligent 5:1 data reduction technology that adaptively optimises storage utilisation in real-time and background operations, a unique shared-nothing architecture, and a superb $ to IOPS ratio", said the company.
Managers should frame learning as a growth opportunity, not as a quid pro quo for promotion.If you talk about learning as being enjoyable, you set a playful tone that encourages people to be adaptively authentic-and open to trying new behaviors.
The patients with HER2 negative breast cancer will be adaptively randomised into the olaparib/durvalumab/paclitaxel arm, another investigational arm, or standard of care (paclitaxel), concluded the company.
But what is NbS?The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) defines NbS as "actions to protect, sustainably manage and restore natural or modified ecosystems that address societal challenges effectively and adaptively, thereby providing human well-being and biodiversity benefits".DEVELOPMENT GOALSbrThe NbS are fundamental to actualisation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), especially number two (zero hunger), six (water), 13 (climate action), 14 (oceans) and 15 (ecosystems).