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1. Relating to or exhibiting adaptation.
2. Readily capable of adapting or of being adapted: an adaptive worker; adaptive clothing for children with special needs.

a·dap′tive·ly adv.
a·dap′tive·ness, ad′ap·tiv′i·ty (ăd′ăp-tĭv′ĭ-tē) n.


in an adaptive manner
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Gartenberg developed the Sonic Sleep Coach Alarm Clock iPhone app, which detects the sound levels in the room and plays sounds to adaptively block out noise pollution and elicit more restorative deep sleep.
He added, "In Phase 2, we successfully demonstrated the ability to characterize and adaptively counter advanced threats in a closed-loop test environment.
ClearOne (NASDAQ: CLRO) has been awarded a new patent on technology for adaptively configuring beamforming microphone arrays, the company said.
The intelligent tool is also capable of adaptively learning from the outcomes and self-monitored performance data regarding its autonomous online information discovering and gathering operations.
Psychologists review etiological, epidemiological, diagnostic, and treatment data about mental disorders with disruptive features and behaviors severe enough to interfere with people's day-to-day functioning, and impair their ability to adaptively function among others.
The ARC program will enable US airborne EW systems to detect and adaptively counter radar systems whose waveforms and behaviors are new, unknown or ambiguous.
Unique examples of this integration include 130 West 12th Street, an adaptively reused, classic pre-war 42-unit condominium which was renovated in 2011-2012 to LEED Gold standard and, in eight months, was 100 percent sold, and is the winner of the Global Green's 13th Annual Sustainable Green Building Design Award;
Dev-Audio has developed Microcone and its associated software application, Microcone Recorder, two conferencing products that track and improve voice quality, adaptively lower background noise and record directly to any computer.
Query phase 1 The adversary adaptively issues queries [q.
Department of Defense's Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has called on teams of researchers from academia and industry to try to build robots that can drive, move adaptively in complex environments, and handle the types of equipment necessary to rescue people in disasters involving radiation or biocontamination.
The nRFready Desktop 2 also allows desktop peripheral manufacturers to release products into the market that can simultaneously and adaptively support both Bluetooth low energy and Nordic's proprietary 2.
In the context of the recent English Heritage 'Industrial Heritage at Risk' list, efforts to conserve or adaptively reuse key buildings or sites that established England as the cradle of the Industrial Revolution are detailed.