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Adv.1.adaxially - in an adaxial manner
abaxially - in an abaxial manner
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Sepals triangular-lanceolate, sparsely pubescent above and adaxially tomentose, margin initially glandular, denticulate, apex acuminate.
It is a native fruit of Brazil and can be found in the nature as shrubs or small trees, differing of the other Eugenia species because its leaves have primary venation adaxially concave, raceme with indefinite primary axis finished in vegetative branch, pyloric stem disc, hairy stylet and globoid to subgloboid fruits (AMORIM; ALVES, 2012).
S1 transverse, incised laterally, shallowing adaxially. S2 and S3 absent on the dorsal glabellar surface and on the ventral side.
Pattern 1--round or flat adaxially, slightly projected, and abaxially round and slightly protruding (Figs.
Rhizomes slim, long creeping, green; rhizome scales ovate-apiculate (to long caudate), not comose (with exceptions), bicolorous; leaves distant, with stipes (and rachis) green, blade lanceolate to linear-lanceolate, pinnate, gradually tapering towards the apex, pinnae with (1-)2-3 pairs of lobo-crena-te segments; indument scales scattered on both surfaces, adaxially more sparsely, orbicular to ovate-apiculate or long caudate, center obscure brown to black, margin pale brown, fmbriate at base, margins dentate; sori not known.
Figure 2D), but it is abaxially projected in species of Chusquea (Figures 2A, B) and adaxially projected in Padoriolyra micrantha (Figure 2C; Table 2).
Jorgensen, differs in possessing flower with erect operculum segmented in the upper half in filaments and with tiny filaments inserted in middle adaxially; bracts glandular-serrate; biglandular petiole occasionally with 1 additional distal gland, 3-lobed lamina divided 1/3-1/4 of its size with cordate base glandular-serrate.
Surface is smooth adaxially and abaxially, and mostly VBs are small.
Leaves are opposite; petiole is absent or reaching 5 mm; leaf blade is elliptic to lanceolate or oblanceolate, 6.5-12 x 2.1-3.3cm, papery to leathery, glabrous, adaxially drying wrinkled, abaxially sparsely punctate, base cuneate, margin crenulate and undulate, and apex acuminate; lateral veins are indistinct.