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Verb1.add to - have an increased effectadd to - have an increased effect; "This adds to my worries"
increase - become bigger or greater in amount; "The amount of work increased"
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I am sure you neglect nothing that can add to the beauties of that noble place.
Of the different sorts of the first are husbandmen, artificers, exchange-men, who are employed in buying and selling, seamen, of which some are engaged in war, some in traffic, some in carrying goods and passengers from place to place, others in fishing, and of each of these there are often many, as fishermen at Tarentum and Byzantium, masters of galleys at Athens, merchants at AEgina and Chios, those who let ships on freight at Tenedos; we may add to these those who live by their manual labour and have but little property; so that they cannot live without some employ: and also those who are not free-born on both sides, and whatever other sort of common people there may be.
Dice the onion into small pieces and add to another pot with the oil and stir.
She expressed concern, however, that affording pass-through entities an automatic six-month extension of time may add to the delays in receiving the information necessary for companies to prepare their Forms 1120 (including Schedule M-3) and lead to an increase in the filing of amended returns.
Plant A determines the amount of alloying elements to add to a melt based on weight by studying a proprietary chart that the company developed for its operations.
One approach, the equalizer strategy, adds the numbers on the left side of an equation and then determines how much to add to the number on the right side to get the same total.
And after a time-consuming installation and configuration, costing the administrator a day or more, the general-purpose server will also add to the organization's ongoing support costs and the complexity of the network.