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1. Something designed or intended for use in conjunction with another.
2. Computers See plug-in.

add′-in′ adj.


a component, as an expansion card or chip, added to a computer to expand its capabilities.
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Noun1.add-in - a printed circuit that can be inserted into expansion slots in a computer to increase the computer's capabilitiesadd-in - a printed circuit that can be inserted into expansion slots in a computer to increase the computer's capabilities
CPU board, mother board - the main circuit board for a computer
PC board - a removable circuit board for a personal computer; fits into a slot in the mother board
printed circuit - computer circuit consisting of an electronic sub-assembly; copper conductors are laminated on an insulating board or card and circuit components are inserted into holes and dip soldered
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The separate license should be acquired for each add-in.
As an add-in to the already familiar Microsoft Excel, SigmaXL is ideal for Lean Six Sigma training and application, and is now compatible with Mac Excel 2011 said John Noguera, CTO, SigmaXL.
If for some reason you'd rather not download and install an add-in, there are several ways to track down links.
Now Devart Excel Add-ins include the add-in for QuickBooks - world leading online accounting software, and MailChimp - a well-known cloud-based email marketing solution.
dbForge Source Control for SQL Server is an SSMS add-in for managing SQL Server database changes in source control.
Matter Center is a solution that shines the spotlight on the value that can be built on Office 365 using the available add-in framework.
If you later change your mind, you can reinstate an add-in you disabled simply by rechecking its box.
When a function is stored in an Add-In that's installed on the computer, you can simply use the function name in the formula, such as =Spellnumber(A1).
She then discusses special topics such as working files and strings of text, creating charts, the use of built-in dialog boxes, the creation of custom user forms, the use of the Solver Add-in for optimization, and simulation studies.
Solution 11 XL is an add-in for Microsoft[R] Excel enabling full compliance with 21 CFR Part 11.
Sperry Software has released two new add-in solutions for Microsoft Outlook 2000/2002 which make it easy to remove duplicates more efficiently.
A The solution you seek can be achieved with Microsoft Power Map--a free, add-in utility included with Office 365 subscriptions (a preview version is also available for stand-alone versions of Excel 2013).