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v. add·ed, add·ing, adds
1. To join or combine (numbers) through addition: If you add 5 and 10 and 17, the result is 32. If you add 6 to 8, you get 14.
2. To join or unite so as to increase in size, quantity, quality, or scope: added 12 inches to the deck; flowers that added beauty to the dinner table.
3. To say or write further.
1. To find a sum in arithmetic.
a. To constitute an addition: an exploit that will add to her reputation.
b. To create or make an addition: gradually added to my meager savings.
Phrasal Verb:
add up
1. To be reasonable, plausible, or consistent; make sense: The witness's testimony simply did not add up.
2. To amount to an expected total: a bill that didn't add up.
3. To formulate an opinion of: added up the other competitors in one glance.
add up to
To constitute; amount to: The revisions added up to a lot of work.

[Middle English adden, from Latin addere : ad-, ad- + dare, to give; see dō- in Indo-European roots.]

add′a·ble, add′i·ble adj.


attention deficit disorder


in a state where addition is possible
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Adj.1.addable - capable of being added or added toaddable - capable of being added or added to  
additive - characterized or produced by addition; "an additive process"
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Other addable options on the sports car will cost as well, including the Carbon Fiber Track package that is priced at $18,500, according to the news outlet.
the district administration of Neelum about stock of addable items according to
New IoT protocols and applications could be addable to HoneyThing.