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something added: Please check the addenda to the agenda.
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agenda – list of things to do; items to cover in a meeting: All of the proposals are on the agenda.
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n. pl. ad·den·da (-də)
Something added or to be added, especially a supplement to a book.

[Latin, neuter gerundive of addere, to add; see add.]
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(əˈdɛn də)

1. pl. of addendum.
2. (used with a sing. v.) a list of things to be added.
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Dowler had forgotten, or had perhaps through modesty, omitted; for the addenda in every instance went to show that Mr.
DUBAI, 6th August, 2019 (WAM) -- Five major regional insurance companies have signed on to Addenda's integrated blockchin platform.
Two proposed addenda to ASHRAE 62.1-2016 provide simplified methods for determining ventilation rates with less information about the system operation and occupant distribution.
Summary: Addenda uses the technology to automate claims, cut overheads and identify fraud
DUBAI: The FinTech Hive Accelerator programme -- a first-of-its-kind accelerator in the region established by the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) -- has announced that Addenda, a blockchain startup for the insurance sector, has qualified to its 2018 programme.
(1,2) Along with the integration of immunohistochemical markers and molecular techniques into routine practice, addenda in surgical pathology reporting have not only increased in frequency but also evolved from supplementing purely diagnostic information to including clinically relevant prognostic and therapeutic information.
Addenda in progress continue the trend of improving the standard.
Following is a partial list of the proposed addenda:
This edition will not have addenda. ASME issues written replies to inquiries concerning interpretations of technical aspects of this document.
The most skilled appraisers solve this dilemma by explaining their analysis and methodology in narrative addenda to the URAR.
Addenda in the text explain the process of valuing real estate and machinery and equipment.