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A substance added in small amounts to something else to improve, strengthen, or otherwise alter it.
1. Marked by, produced by, or involving addition.
2. Of or being any of certain primary colors of wavelengths that may be mixed with one another to produce other colors. See Table at color.

ad′di·tive·ly adv.
ad′di·tiv′i·ty n.
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the state of being additive
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In this way, it could avoid separation and the game's characteristic function satisfies super additivity [24].
Therefore, the objectives of this study were to determine the STTD of P in corn, SBM, and CM on growing pigs, and to evaluate the additivity of STTD values obtained in these ingredients in mixed diets when fed to growing pigs.
3a, it is observed that the o-Ps lifetime ([tau.sub.3]) of nylon 6/SGF reinforced polymer composites increases gradually as a function of SGF wt% and about 75 ps (pico seconds) increase occurs from 1.941 to 2.016 ns and exhibits positive deviation from linear additivity relation.
The descriptive statistics (frequencies for nominal and ordinal values; means and standard deviations for scale values), correlation coefficients (Spearman's test), t-test, reliability tests (Cronbach's alpha, model fitting ANOVA, Tukey's Additivity test, Hotelling's T-square statistics, intraclass correlation coefficients, item-total correlation coefficients, corrected item-total correlation coefficients and Cronbach's alpha if item-deleted), face and content validities, exploratory factorial analyses (Varimax rotation with Kaiser normalization) and confirmatory factorial analyses (Goodness of Fit Statistics) were also completed.
Let us construct any value function [eta] on [FG.sub.M](N) satisfying efficiency, symmetry, additivity, and f v-null player axioms by
The main purpose of this work is to determine these parameters and to compare them with those calculated by the group additivity method.
The TSA linearity was evaluated in three tests in which loads were applied both individually and simultaneously on the sensor array to verify the additivity property.
* (Additivity) If [U.sub.1], [U.sub.2] are disjoint open subsets of U with Fix(f) [[GAMMA].sub.'I] U [subset] [U.sub.1] [??] [U.sub.2], then
2001), where mixture ratios were chosen in line with the potencies of the mixture components and additivity expectations were calculated; and d) mixtures were tested under exactly the same experimental conditions as the individual compounds and their observed effects were compared to the predicted responses.
In addition to the bias hypothesis, the HSM researchers have proposed other assumptions on the interplay of heuristic and systematic processing including the additivity, attenuation and contrast hypotheses (Bohner et al., 1995; Eagly & Chaiken, 1993).
Time and time again, numerous studies have shown that the model of additivity doesn't necessarily holds true.