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also ad·dres·sor  (ə-drĕs′ər)
One, such as a person or a machine, that addresses.
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And Bert touched the fringe of a number of trades in succession--draper's porter, chemist's boy, doctor's page, junior assistant gas-fitter, envelope addresser, milk-cart assistant, golf caddie, and at last helper in a bicycle shop.
In Jakobson's communication model (Holenstein, 1976) code designates all of the conventions that the addresser and addressee resort to in the understanding of a message.
And because communication is usually a two-way traffic, it places the addresser and the addressee in a social relationship.
Concepts such as eternal life, eternal death, spiritual death and rebirth, guides the addresser to it.
One can however roughly generalize that the addresser employs motoric modalities and the addressee the sensory ones.
Jacques Derrida (1985) argues that even in cases where "the addresser is the addressee" one writes via an other, the listener.
transmission of certain information from the addresser to the addressee.
Looking after number one as ever is the first person (I/we), known in Arabic as 'mutakallim' -- the speaker, the addresser.
As Bakhtin says, "a word is the territory shared by both the addresser and the addressee by the speaker and his interlocutor" (Bakhtin 1986: 86).
In the present example, the "strange men-at-arms" have fewer relations than "incense"; "incense" than "Khadeeth"; "Khadeeth" than the "lady of my heart"; and all these than the reader-who may as well be called a hound since the poet's persona is to be called a dog-who makes up the "you" of the poem, its addressee, in opposition to the poet, who is the addresser through all these other relations.
Clearly, unlike Endorse, Acknowledge indicates a neutral stance on the part of the addresser while Distance detaches the speaker/writer from the cited proposition, therefore shunning responsibility (Martin & White, 2005, pp.
Rick Krieger, president of Addresser Based Systems, says it will provide a solution for many of his clients.