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And Bert touched the fringe of a number of trades in succession--draper's porter, chemist's boy, doctor's page, junior assistant gas-fitter, envelope addresser, milk-cart assistant, golf caddie, and at last helper in a bicycle shop.
In other words, by studying the encoding system addressers (writers) resort to, the decoding system of addressees (readers) is exposed.
Is it the same "you" throughout, or is there a different one for each stanza--or is there a single "you" hearing three addressers, who successively interrogate, shove, and icily dismiss?
In view of researchers like leech [4] politeness is as strategy that speakers of one language apply to get to their goal such as making a peaceful and continuance relationship with their addressers.
Pragmaphilology goes one step further and describes the contextual aspects of historical texts, including the addressers and addressees, their social and personal relationship, the physical and social setting of text production and text reception, and the goal(s) of the text".
As an important side effect, the receiver takes more responsibility in deriving the sender's meaning than in ostensive communication, because the addressers rely more often on implicatures than on explicatures in such a way that they cannot be blamed to back the assumptions derived from them.