adductor muscle

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Noun1.adductor muscle - a muscle that draws a body part toward the median lineadductor muscle - a muscle that draws a body part toward the median line
skeletal muscle, striated muscle - a muscle that is connected at either or both ends to a bone and so move parts of the skeleton; a muscle that is characterized by transverse stripes
musculus adductor brevis - the short adductor muscle of the thigh
musculus adductor longus - the long adductor muscle of the thigh
great adductor muscle, musculus adductor magnus - the muscle that adducts and extends the thigh
musculus adductor hallucis - the adductor muscle of the great toe
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Fernando Torres was forced off at half time after a recurrence of the adductor muscle injury that had ruled him out for the previous two games, while Javier Mascherano left Anfield with his right foot in a protective brace after suffering a knock late on.
I have not talked to the doctor a lot, but I think he has an adductor muscle problem," he said.
The biochemical compositions in the adductor muscle and mantle varied during the study period, suggesting that they could support reproduction and growth.
Rooney could be reunited up front with Michael Owen who scored for Newcastle as a substitute on his return from adductor muscle and stomach surgery.
The Aussie suffered a slight tear to his adductor muscle and underwent an operation to repair the damage three days after the final.
After 24 h of anoxia, the activities of pyruvate kinase (PK), phosphoenolpyruvate carboxykinase (PEPCK), and cytochrome c oxidase (CCO), and catalase (CAT) were measured in the digestive gland and adductor muscle from Cd-treated mussels.
After a torn adductor muscle curtailed his involvement in the Champions League final in 2005, Kewell returned to something like ' his best when he made his comeback the following autumn I and his form continued into Australia's qualification from the group phase of the World Cup.
It was just such precise shot-making ability which pleased Agassi most as he looked forward to a fourth-round encounter against Brazil's Flavio Saretta, who had the most fortunate day due to the fate of Spain's Galo Blanco who pulled an adductor muscle and had to retire when leading 7-6, 6-3, 2-2.
Among the Pectinidae, available energy used for gonad build-up comes entirely from the adductor muscle (Chantler 2006), whereas Mytilidae, Ostreidae, and Veneridae take up energy, not only from the digestive gland, muscle, and mantle tissue, but from other kind of nongerminal nourishing cells, such as VCT cells and ADG cells (Mathieu & Lubet 1993).
Scans yesterday showed Kewell damaged an adductor muscle in his groin and will be sidelined for two to three weeks.
David Hirst, who limped out of Wednesday's 3-0 win at Nottingham Forest with an adductor muscle strain, will have a late fitness test.