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n. adenofibroma, tumor benigno formado por tejido fibroso y glandular, visto en el útero y en el seno.
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A composite renal tumor: Metanephric adenofibroma, wilms tumor, and renal cell carcinoma: A missing link?
Benign masses were: simple cyst endometriotic cyst tubo-ovarian abscess dermoid cyst cystadenoma cystadenofibroma benign mucinous tumor endometrioid and clear cell adenofibroma.
Primary Ovarian Clear Cell Adenofibroma of Borderline Malignancy.
endometrioid adenocarcinoma with spindle cell features; adenofibroma vs.
Study from the National Cancer Institute (NCI) shows that combined transvaginal ultrasound (TVU) and CA-l25 levels abnormality can detect ovarian cancer with high redictive 12, 13 value In our study the false positive results were seen in tumor-like conditions like a case with endometriotic cyst (1 case), adenofibroma (laces), 1 case of low malignant potential serous tumor and rest in benign epithelial ovarian tumor.
Lipoadenofibroma of the uterine corpus: Report of a new variant of adenofibroma (benign mullerian mixed tumor).
World Health Organization (WHO) histological classification of benign renal neoplasms Renal cell tumors Metanephric tumors Mesenchymal tumors Oncocytoma Metanephric adenoma Angiomyolipoma Papillary adenoma Metanephric adenofibroma Leiomyoma Metanephric stromal tumor Hemangioma Lymphangioma Reninoma Fibroma Schwannoma Renal cell tumors Mixed epithelial mesenchymal tumors Oncocytoma Cystic nephroma Papillary adenoma Mixed epithelial and stromal tumor
The limited reports include retrobulbar rhabdomyosarcoma, (11) adenocarcinoma, (5) carcinoma, (12-14) lipoma, adenoma, and adenofibroma in a
Typical US patterns exist that are highly accurate with regard to the final pathology such as: endometrioma, cystic teratoma, cystadenoma, adenofibroma as hydrosalpinx, as described Guerriero et al.
One of the five patients with malignancy had "grossly apparent" peritoneal carcinoma at the time of laparoscopy, three had primary fallopian tube malignancy and one had ovarian adenofibroma.
One case had endometriosis and one case of ovarian adenofibroma showed tubercular salpingitis.
At the very low end of the spectrum, the differential diagnosis includes primarily benign entities, such as the so-called adenofibroma, adenomyoma (benign), endometrial polyps with unusual features, and atypical polypoid adenomyoma.