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n. adenofibroma, tumor benigno formado por tejido fibroso y glandular, visto en el útero y en el seno.
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It is also worth noting that the histologically defined entity of BDA has been described in the literature using a broad range of names or terms including names that refer to other distinct pathologic entities such as: peribiliary gland hamartoma, benign cholangioma, cholangioadenoma, biliary microham-artoma, bile duct adenoma, biliary hamartoma, and biliary adenofibroma (1, 5).
Histopathologic diagnoses included tubular adenoma in 14 patients (32%), invasive adenocarcinoma in 9 patients (20.5%), tubullovillous adenoma in 7 patients (16%), tubullovillous adenoma with carcinoma limited to the mucosal layer in 5 patients (11.3%), adenoma with high-grade dysplasia in 4 patients (9%), neuroendocrine tumor in 1 patient (2.3%), ganglioneuroma in 1 patient (2.3%), hamartomatous polyp in 1 patient (2.3%), adenofibroma in 1 patient (2.3%), and Brunner gland hyperplasia in 1 patient (2.3%).
Cystadenoma, adenofibroma, and surface papillomas are the benign serous tumors.
Barner, "Pathogenesis of ovarian clear cell adenofibroma, atypical proliferative (borderline) tumor, and carcinoma: clinicopathologic features of tumors with endometriosis or adenofibromatous components support two related pathways of tumor development," Journal of Cancer, vol.
The histopathological results of the 2 false positive 3D-PEM were one case of inflammatory lesion and one case of adenofibroma. Of the 3 cases wrongly diagnosed by WBPET, 2 were false positive and one was false negative.
The mass was considered as atypical adenofibroma and categorized as ultrasound BI-RADS 3.
A composite renal tumor: Metanephric adenofibroma, wilms tumor, and renal cell carcinoma: A missing link?
Benign masses were: simple cyst endometriotic cyst tubo-ovarian abscess dermoid cyst cystadenoma cystadenofibroma benign mucinous tumor endometrioid and clear cell adenofibroma. Malignant masses were: epithelial germ cell and sex-cord stromal tumors.
Primary Ovarian Clear Cell Adenofibroma of Borderline Malignancy.
endometrioid adenocarcinoma with spindle cell features; adenofibroma vs.
Study from the National Cancer Institute (NCI) shows that combined transvaginal ultrasound (TVU) and CA-l25 levels abnormality can detect ovarian cancer with high redictive 12, 13 value In our study the false positive results were seen in tumor-like conditions like a case with endometriotic cyst (1 case), adenofibroma (laces), 1 case of low malignant potential serous tumor and rest in benign epithelial ovarian tumor.
Lipoadenofibroma of the uterine corpus: Report of a new variant of adenofibroma (benign mullerian mixed tumor).