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n. adenofibroma, tumor benigno formado por tejido fibroso y glandular, visto en el útero y en el seno.
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The vast majority of completely cystic ovarian tumors with a smooth lining and without solid nodules are histologically benign, although benign epithelial tumors may also have a partially or entirely solid cut surface, for example, adenofibromas or benign Brenner tumors.
Benign and borderline clear cell adenofibromas of the ovary.
Although endometrial adenofibromas are benign lesions, total hysterectomy is recommended, because these neoplasms may recur if incompletely curetted or locally excised [4, 5].
Zhang, "Concurrent tamoxifen-related Mullerian adenofibromas in uterus and ovary," International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Pathology, vol.
Adenofibroma is an extremely rare benign biphasic neoplasm classified as an epithelial and mesenchymal tumor.
These features suggested that the tumor was an adenofibroma. Hysterectomy was recommended, because an adenosarcoma may be present within the residual tumor or an adenofibroma may develop invasive potential and recur [4, 5].
Papillary projections--considered a strong sign of malignancy--are more common in borderline tumours than in invasive cancers but may also be seen in benign tumours, for example, in adenofibromas. They explain many false-positive ultrasound diagnoses of malignancy.
* Benign serous tumors include cyst adenomas, adenofibromas, cyst adenofibromas and surface papillomas.
Serous adenofibromas, primarily encountered as incidental finding on microscopy in the fimbria are typically small, uncommon tumours.
Adenofibroma of the fimbria: a common entity that is indistinguishable from ovarian adenofibroma.
Intramural adenofibroma of the fallopian tube; light and electron microscopy.