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Very skilled or accomplished. See Synonyms at proficient.
n. (ăd′ĕpt′)
A highly skilled person; an expert: "political consequences in getting rid of all the skeptics, unbelievers, and adepts of rival faiths" (Gene Lyons).

[Latin adeptus, past participle of adipīscī, to attain : ad-, ad- + apīscī, to grasp.]

a·dept′ly adv.
a·dept′ness n.
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[əˈdeptlɪ] ADVcon acierto or habilidad
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[əˈdɛptli] adv [exploit, communicate] → d'une manière experte
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Smith, a former investigative reporter for The Miami Herald and an award-winning playwright, adeptly uncovers the answers.
"As we see it, bringing some of the smartest, brightest professionals in the field into one team not only enhances out ability to meet those professional challenges, but also permits us to adeptly handle ever more complex transactions."
Their synchronicity is remarkable as they adeptly whipped the mosh pit into frenzied exertions with classics like, Harmony Corruption, Suffer The Children, and from their latest album Continuing War On Stupidity and Per Capita; songs with passion and conscience that have all the anger and guts of the dispossessed, the disenfranchised and the powerless.
No other city manages to capture the old and new quite as adeptly.
While the author adeptly reveals the human dimensions of bishops and bureaucrats and provides colorful vignettes of Mexico City life, she has pitched her book to the advanced student and specialist.
Oliver Sherwood placed Kingsmark adeptly to win three minor novice events before stepping up in class at Kempton last time.
Wilson adeptly contrasts the meandering pace of the social sciences with the rapid progress occurring in the biomedical sciences; the latter, he notes, are more focused on seeking answers across multiple specialties and levels of explanation - in short, on consilience.
ramidus had a body adapted for two-legged walking and undoubtedly climbed in trees less adeptly than Gombe chimps, it still had the capacity to capture the tree-dwelling ancestors of colobus monkeys, the USC researcher contends.
Landers, a virtual heat-seeking missile for soft spots, mines this malaise adeptly. In a clearly strategic choice, apathy and doubt walk hand in hand with malice in his work--his "autopilot dribble" is as likely to be turned on the viewer as on himself.
Although JKB has adeptly managed its balance sheet in the face of elevated credit and geopolitical risks-aided by a prudent regulatory and supervisory framework-CI Ratings notes that the Bank's FSR is increasingly pressured by Jordan's Sovereign Rating and Outlook.
The characters in this first-person narrative are strong, with powerful emotions that are adeptly portrayed.