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Very skilled or accomplished. See Synonyms at proficient.
n. (ăd′ĕpt′)
A highly skilled person; an expert: "political consequences in getting rid of all the skeptics, unbelievers, and adepts of rival faiths" (Gene Lyons).

[Latin adeptus, past participle of adipīscī, to attain : ad-, ad- + apīscī, to grasp.]

a·dept′ly adv.
a·dept′ness n.


[əˈdeptlɪ] ADVcon acierto or habilidad


[əˈdɛptli] adv [exploit, communicate] → d'une manière experte
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CI notes that although the banks have adeptly managed their balance sheets in the face of continued elevated credit and geopolitical risks, their financial strength is nevertheless affected by the deteriorating operating environment, as well as by their relatively high exposure to sovereign credit risk.
Hafeez handled all of England's bowlers adeptly in his six-hour innings.
Werner adeptly fixes the radio, and when the Nazis discover his technical skills, he is invited to attend an elite military school.
Patricia Hoffman, assistant secretary of energy reliability, commented that enhanced sensors and monitoring devices will help providers make decisions that may prevent power outages before they happen and adeptly respond to changing grid conditions without disruption.
The daring stunt was performed adeptly by Uppal, who collected two flags, whereas, Ajaz and Tandon managed to score one flags each.
The rhythmic games of the scherzo were adeptly hopscotched, clarinets in the finale were as cheeky as in passages of Mahler - and in this movement's fugues we heard a thematic anticipation of the magnificent Elijah, premiered by Mendelssohn in this very room in 1846.
With chapters on babies' rooms, rooms for girls, boys, shared bedrooms, bathrooms, play areas and outside space (and drawing on a wealth of inspiration from the homes of real families, with real kids) the book adeptly demonstrates that you can have a family and well designed home at the same time.
She very adeptly reveals the complex layers of Yvonne's past relationship with her abusive ex-husband and the thin line she must walk to ensure his relationship with his daughter is not damaged.
The platform helps the individual cores to adeptly divide up the labor, prioritizing functional safety, managing graphics, and potential malicious software attacks when connecting to the Internet.
YESTERDAY'S SOLUTIONS Wee Thinker Across: 7 Donegal 9 All--in 10 Picks 11 Buffalo 12 Lei 13 Cauldron 16 Unlawful 17 Too 19 Counter 21 Cheat 22 Leg it 23 Emotion Down: 1 Adeptly 2 Inaction 3 Ages 4 Daffodil 5 Ella 6 Onion 8 Labour force 13 Chastity 14 On the air 15 Content 18 Scold 20 Urge 21 Coot QUICKIE Across: 1 Driving test 8 Hoe 9 Lob 11 Elastic 12 Drone 13 Rep 14 Tee 15 Elderly 17 Nib 19 Easy 21 Yo--yo 23 Past 25 Beep 27 Eve 29 Topical 31 Sap 34 Lap 36 Olive 37 Ski--lift 38 Net 39 Say 40 Changed gear Down: 1 Dole 2 Reap 3 Vitally 4 Nickel 5 Tidal 6 Slot 7 Tone 8 Heron 10 Beefy 16 Yes 18 Bye 20 Ate 22 Opt 24 Amazing 25 Bison 26 Tissue 28 Empty 30 Ocean 32 Alec 33 Pith 34 Lisa 35 Afar
The various other sung roles were adeptly handled by Virginia Hatfield, Lesley Bouza, Cory Knight, Richard Whittall and David Roth.
Seth is now taking to the road with a "one-man-band" setup: an added bass drum on his foot and keyboard/noise and iPod at his fingertips, adeptly operated amidst vocals and acoustic guitar.