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 (ăd-hîr′ənt, -hĕr′-)
A supporter, as of a cause or individual: a vote that pleased adherents of education reform.
1. Sticking or holding fast.
2. Botany Joined but not united. Used of dissimilar parts or organs.

ad·her′ent·ly adv.
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in an adherent manner
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Medication adherence was seen as pivotal to successfully transitioning to adult care, and was composed of the young person learning about needed medications, organizing medication intake, and adherently self-administering medication.
The former firmly believes and adherently acts on the theory that no one is inevitable and beyond the law; similarly, everyone is accountable in democracy.
Most of the cells grew in suspension and formed neural stem cell spheres, while some cells grew adherently. At 3-5 days, dozens of cloned spheres were formed by the suspension of cell clusters, and the cloned spheres showed spherical shape with no obvious protrusions.
Since most cells used for biomedical applications are cultured adherently, the use of LAESI-MS was proposed to analyze adherent cells directly onto the culture surface, thus avoiding chemical modification deriving from their detachment [86].
To induce further maturation, these MN spheres were dissociated with accutase (Invitrogen) into single neurons and cultured adherently with NDM, including 0.5 [micro]M RA, 0.1 [micro]M Pur, 0.1 [micro]M Compound E (Cpd E, Calbiochem), and the abovementioned neurotrophic factors, for more than 7 days.