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 (ăd-hîr′ənt, -hĕr′-)
A supporter, as of a cause or individual: a vote that pleased adherents of education reform.
1. Sticking or holding fast.
2. Botany Joined but not united. Used of dissimilar parts or organs.

ad·her′ent·ly adv.


in an adherent manner
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ECs growing adherently are difficult to effectively coat islet cells growing in suspension in a two-dimensional culture system.
Metabolite extraction from adherently growing mammalian cells for metabolomics studies: optimization of harvesting and extraction protocols.
The main task for the 7th Italian CBRN Regiment (the only regiment of the Italian armed forces specializing in CBRN threats) is to adherently support the units on the ground dealing with direct and indirect CBRN incidents (such as toxic industrial material [TIM] events) and terrorist threats.