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 (ăd-hē′sĭn, -zĭn)
Any of various substances present on the surfaces of bacterial cells that facilitate binding to the cells of a host and that are used as antigens in some vaccines.

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HISTOLYTICA QUIK CHEK test targets an adhesin which is unique to E.
The antibody is specific for the major adhesin of Streptococcus mutans, the organism responsible for dental caries in humans.
The participation of an adhesin coded by the gene Mad1 in the adhesion of conidia to the cuticle of Manduca sexta Linnaeus larva was demonstrated using mutants in which this gene was deleted, with these mutants demonstrating significant decreases in conidial germination, suppression of the formation of blastospores, and reduced virulence (WANG & St.
The P1 adhesin is a 169-kDa protein concentrated in the attachment tip that is now known to be the major structure responsible for interaction of MP with host cells [8, 20].
5 Blood group antigen binding adhesion (BabA), the best characterised of the three adhesin proteins, mediates binding to carbohydrate moiety of the fucosylated Lewis b [Le (b)] blood group antigens on host cells.
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