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Noun1.adhesive material - a substance that unites or bonds surfaces togetheradhesive material - a substance that unites or bonds surfaces together
material, stuff - the tangible substance that goes into the makeup of a physical object; "coal is a hard black material"; "wheat is the stuff they use to make bread"
birdlime, lime - a sticky adhesive that is smeared on small branches to capture small birds
spirit gum - an adhesive solution made of gum and ether and used to attach false hair to skin
binder - something used to bind separate particles together or facilitate adhesion to a surface
cement - something that hardens to act as adhesive material
library paste, paste - an adhesive made from water and flour or starch; used on paper and paperboard
rubber cement - an adhesive made by dissolving unvulcanized rubber in a solvent like benzene or naphtha
epoxy, epoxy glue, epoxy resin - a thermosetting resin; used chiefly in strong adhesives and coatings and laminates
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Henkel agreed with German archaeologist Christian Eckmann, head of the Egyptian-German team, to use the company's adhesive material after it conducted careful studies to restore the golden mask and return it to the Egyptian Museum, according to the company's statement.
Building on decades of innovation for advanced automotive electronics, our new EA-7100 adhesive material signals a significant step forward in silicone technology and an important addition to our industry-leading portfolio of high-performance adhesives," said Brice Le Gouic, global marketing manager for Transportation Electronics, Dow Coming.
Contract notice: Delivery adhesive material embolizacyjnego embolization of vascular malformations of the brain and spinal cord.
FERRARI customers in Bahrain and other Gulf countries are being asked to get their cars modified, after five 458 Italia supercars worldwide caught fire due to an adhesive material.
As an adhesive material specialist and coater for medical device applications, we must continually be in the lab customizing solutions that meet constantly changing needs.
Each side of the film may also include a coating of an adhesive material that aids in coupling the interface film with a surface.
She says the biggest culprit is "stickles," or adhesive material in sorted office paper (SOP).
If you use a one-step system, douse the tooth with the chlorhexidine before applying the adhesive material.
The cabriolet, meanwhile, receives slightly less adhesive material and 2,430 rivets (compared to 5,000 spot welds on the previous steel convertible body), due to its topless design.
With its disposable adhesive material, the top side traps such particles as crumbs, dirt and leaves while the bottom side helps trap bits of fuzz and lint.
Gecko tape Modeling the sticking properties of a geckos sole, researchers created an adhesive material that consists of arrays of microscopic plastic pegs (163: 356 *).
The best alternative: Adhesive material should be applied directly to the core surface.