adhesive plaster

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Noun1.Adhesive plaster - adhesive tape used in dressing woundsadhesive plaster - adhesive tape used in dressing wounds
adhesive tape - tape coated with adhesive
court plaster - a plaster composed of isinglass on silk; formerly used to dress superficial wounds
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The operator reported the use of a facial surgical mask fixed with an adhesive plaster to prevent the misting of the magnifying glasses.
His poverty stricken family could not afford a skin graft operation and the wound was just covered with adhesive plaster.
Small rubber cones on an adhesive plaster stimulate the H7 acupuncture point on the wrist, promoting natural sleep..
The ends of the ligature were brought out of the wound, the omentum was drawn down below the opening, and the incision closed with sutures and adhesive plaster.
He invented transparent adhesive plaster. Back in the East Cemetery we find the grave of Emerson Muschamp Bainbridge, 1817-1892, described as shopkeeper supreme.
His favorite adhesive plaster consisted of thick tar, gum turpentine, Burgundy pitch and beeswax.
This tiny magnetic ball is placed, using strong adhesive plaster, on the shenmen (heart) point of both ears.