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 (ăd-hē′sĭv, -zĭv)
1. Tending to adhere; sticky.
2. Gummed so as to adhere.
3. Tending to persist; difficult if not impossible to shake off: "He feels an adhesive dread, a sudden acquaintance with the ... darker side of mankind" (George F. Will).
A substance, such as paste or cement, that provides or promotes adhesion.

ad·he′sive·ly adv.
ad·he′sive·ness n.
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This is different with the crosslinked all-aromatic adhesives, which invariably failed adhesively (i.e., at the interface between the polymer and the metal substrates) (1, 9-10).
Slats may then be edged and adhesively combined in variou s ways to produce composite lumber products.
Raizal, "Towards a generic model of the intermediate crack debonding resistance of plates adhesively bonded to concrete," in Proceedings of the International Symposium on bond behavior of FRP in Structures, International Institute of FRP in Construction, 2005.
The overlapping flap is adhesively bonded to the second waist region.
No degradation of the adhesively failed polymer was detected from examination of the polymer surface with ESCA.
All longitudinal surfaces of logs, half-logs, and planks not visible in the final product are subjected to an overall pattern of cuts or perforations to relieve uneven wood fiber tension, the two half logs are adhesively joined at their trimmed flattened surfaces, the patterned cuts maybe filled with adhesive; vertical piles of at least three planks are treated similarly.
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The pocket member is adhesively secured between the outer layer and inner layer.
These results indicate that the bond failed primarily adhesively, which agrees with microscopy results.
The fibers embed themselves into the adhesively coated surface and are there bonded in place.
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