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 (ăd′ē-ə-băt′ĭk, ā′dī-ə-)
Of, relating to, or being a reversible thermodynamic process that occurs without gain or loss of heat and without a change in entropy.

[From Greek adiabatos, impassable : a-, not; see a-1 + diabatos, passable (dia-, dia- + batos, passable, from bainein, to go; see gwā- in Indo-European roots).]

ad′i·a·bat′i·cal·ly adv.
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in an adiabetic manner
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Warm ocean waters initiate the process of evaporation where water vapour will rise and cool adiabatically, and thereby releasing the heat retained during evaporation (known as latent heat of condensation) to the atmosphere.
A reversal of the alongshore pressure gradient along the Northern California coastline occurs for two reasons: i) air descends from higher terrain over land to sea level and warms adiabatically and ii) warm air over land advects toward the MBL.
If we push the parcel down to sea level, it warms adiabatically by 27 degrees, giving it a final temperature of 67 degrees.
This removes the latent heat from the air but adds sensible heat nearly adiabatically. This sensible heat addition allows the heat exchanger to maximize the temperature differential between the exhaust airstream and outdoor airstream, thereby maximizing energy savings from the sensible heat exchanger.
The standard practice of reducing such systems is multiple-scale analysis (e.g., [28]) whereby fast variable is adiabatically eliminated.
Pilots know that dry air adiabatically cools as it expands with altitude at a rate of three degrees C per thousand feet.
(3) Then, PBLH is determined as the height at which an air parcel rising adiabatically from the surface becomes neutrally buoyant.
In the second section of the paper we infer the expression of the wave propagation velocity in a fluid when the density and the pressure vary adiabatically. Using this expression, we infer the acoustic expression of the refractive index.
After this, the refrigerant passes through the electronic expansion valve where it expands irreversibly and adiabatically. Finally, the refrigerant flows back to the evaporator-collector and gets vaporized again, the cycle to continues.
Waters that flow at relatively large mass rates directly to the surface will cool adiabatically, and the emerging spring water will be at or slightly above the boiling temperature for the prevailing atmospheric pressure [41].
At a later stage of the evolution of the Universe, in the opinion of astrophysicists, its electromagnetic radiation, while maintaining its frequency spectrum, <<breaks away>> from its matter and adiabatically cools, uniformly penetrating the entire Universe [7].