adipose cell

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Noun1.adipose cell - cells composed of fatadipose cell - cells composed of fat    
somatic cell, vegetative cell - any of the cells of a plant or animal except the reproductive cells; a cell that does not participate in the production of gametes; "somatic cells are produced from preexisting cells";
fat - a soft greasy substance occurring in organic tissue and consisting of a mixture of lipids (mostly triglycerides); "pizza has too much fat"
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In particular, the adipose microtissues can be used to assess human adipogenesis/preadipocyte differentiation, human adipocyte lipolysis, metabolism and the modulation effects on adipose cell functions derived from treatment with active ingredients, such as food components and additives.
Previous experiments have enabled them to decode a signaling pathway involved in adipose cell maturation and to show that calories in the nutrient medium influence this process.
Going forward, we want to investigate the environmental factors--particularly the nutrient conditions--that cause different adipose cell types to grow," said biophysicist Matthias Meier.
Therefore, the practical goals of treatment are to produce good-quality bone (osteogenesis) and to inhibit production of the abnormal adipose cell intruders (adipogenesis).
The beige adipocyte is a type of adipose cell described by the ability to induce these cells to produce heat and increase energy expenditure.
Over a number of years they have been observing clients show a more youthful appearance as one of the after effects of Adipose cell therapy.
Under the deal, both firms will jointly conduct a study titled 'Development and Validation of a Human Brown Adipose Cell Model', which will seek to further characterise the identity and metabolic function of these cell lines.
In animal models of obesity, a relationship was shown between adipose cell size and the concentration of macrophages in the stroma vascular fraction of AT (Weisberg et al.
METHODS: Using murine 3T3-L1 adipocytes as a model for adipose cell biology research, the effects of IGOB131 were investigated on PPAR gamma, adiponectin, and leptin.
The mRNAs for PPAR-[gamma], a central regulator of adipose cell differentiation, and AdipoR2 were expressed at low levels during the first 3 days but increased markedly after 6 days (Figure 2).
The company is advancing the development of its brown adipose cell therapy program by evaluating certain cell delivery encapsulation technology that would enable transplanted brown adipose cells to effectively maintain or regulate normal metabolism in humans.