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1. adjective.
2. adjudged.
3. adjunct.
4. adjustment.
5. adjutant.
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ABRUPT, adj. Sudden, without ceremony, like the arrival of a cannon- shot and the departure of the soldier whose interests are most affected by it.
ABSENT, adj. Peculiarly exposed to the tooth of detraction; vilifed; hopelessly in the wrong; superseded in the consideration and affection of another.
ACEPHALOUS, adj. In the surprising condition of the Crusader who absently pulled at his forelock some hours after a Saracen scimitar had, unconsciously to him, passed through his neck, as related by de Joinville.
AMBIDEXTROUS, adj. Able to pick with equal skill a right-hand pocket or a left.
Group sales in the third quarter rose by 1.9 percent on a currency- and portfolio-adjusted basis (Fx & portfolio adj.) to 9.905 billion euros.
(In Euro million, For the three months ended unless otherwise stated) March 31, 2019 2018 Change Shipments (in units) 2,610 2,128 482 23% Net revenues 940 831 109 13% EBITDA (2) 311 272 39 14% Adj. EBITDA (2) 311 272 39 14% Adj.
On a pro-forma basis, sales of Crop Science declined by a currency-adjusted (Fx adj.) 9.9 percent.
The ADJ regimen is being administered to premature infants born at a$?32 weeks gestational age or weighing a$?1500 g in our unit routinely since 2014.
Kirklees Council has made the following decisions APPROVED | | Northern Powergrid (Northeast) Ltd, works to overhead lines, land adj Queensway, Kirkburton.
When looking at the decision tree diagram of CHAID algorithm, it was understood that breed factor was found as the premier factor influencing CCW trait (F=30.567, df1=1, df2=45, Adj - P=0.000).
photohoric adj. with a boundary formed by light syn.