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n. pl. ad·ja·cen·cies
1. The state of being adjacent; contiguity.
2. A thing that is adjacent.


(əˈdʒeɪ sən si)

n., pl. -cies.
1. Also, ad•ja′cence. the state of being adjacent; nearness.
2. Usu., adjacencies. things, places, etc., that are adjacent.
[1640–50; < Late Latin]
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Noun1.adjacency - the attribute of being so near as to be touchingadjacency - the attribute of being so near as to be touching
nearness, closeness - the spatial property resulting from a relatively small distance; "the sudden closeness of the dock sent him into action"


[əˈdʒeɪsnsɪ] nattiguità
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To this end, Secretary Almagro confirmed the imminent deployment of a group of experts to conduct an independent investigation into the circumstances which resulted in the death of a Guatemala minor, following an incident with the Belizean security forces in the Adjacency Zone.
These major improvements, coupled with the building's historical facade, waterfront location and adjacency to Exchange Place, create an extremely unique asset.
More importantly, employees often find themselves inconvenienced as their adjacency to co-workers is negatively impacted by layoffs that were based on seniority or payroll, without consideration to departmental function.
Because of its adjacency to the main buildings of the School of Visual Arts, it makes perfect sense that 215 East 23rd St.
Through several phases of analysis, the planner identifies the organization's goals and culture, elicits feedback from employees, scrutinizes functions, reviews current and future staff projections, and examines adjacency needs.
In the framework of the working visit to the zone of adjacency between Guatemala and Belize, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Sandra Jovel and the special envoy of the Secretary General of the OAS in the Adjacency Zone, Manuel Washington Abdala, visited communities of Petn , in order to verify the positive impact of the development projects implemented through the OAS Peace Fund and the Vice Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Food for the Petn.
In order to uncover the linguistic means of rendering social minds and to better illuminate Woolf's narrative techniques, this article analyzes her presentation of consciousness in the light of an important conversational pattern: adjacency pairs.