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1. Close to; lying near: adjacent cities.
2. Next to; adjoining: adjacent garden plots.

[Middle English, from Latin adiacēns, adiacent-, present participle of adiacēre, to lie near : ad-, ad- + iacēre, to lie; see yē- in Indo-European roots.]

ad·ja′cent·ly adv.
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A 1.25-MeV gamma rays source was utilized, delivering about 200-250 krad/h (-30 Gy/min) to 6-8 adjacently placed samples per each exposure.
forest* = forest; forests; forestry) the parentheses divide theme keywords, and the quotation marks can be used to limit words of research, defining that the words appear adjacently and in the exact order.
In general, every signal layer deserves a solid return path laminated adjacently to it in the stackup for signal integrity purposes.
(2012) classified the germination of Archontophoenix cunninghamii as adjacent ligular, in which the seedling development happens adjacently to the diaspore.
Adjacently, these preferences are also in line with WTO's multilateral trade liberalization.3
Another DP-SDV approach was established in the upstream adjacently. To deliver the embolic agent effectively into the nidus, a microcatheter (Excelsior[R] SL-10, Stryker[R] Neurovascular, Fremont, CA, USA) was introduced through the new approach and catheterized into the nidus under the road map [Figure 1]g.
Birds were housed adjacently in wire enclosures (76 x 46 x 46 cm) in groups of 3 (same sex groups).
Ten 10-x-10-m units were staked out adjacently using measuring tapes and a compass.
We then consulted with the pharmacy team, which had an adjacently positioned larger space earmarked for the ED pharmacy.
The growth of these industrial clusters is also dependent on the strategically and adjacently located Khalifa Port; one of the world's most advanced deep-sea ports and the region's first semi-automated port.
This article mulls over the prospects of integration between Central Asia, South Asia, and the Middle East, three core regions adjacently located in the heart of Asia, tied through religious, cultural, and historical bonds, sharing common economic, political and security interests.