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v. ad·min·is·tered, ad·min·is·ter·ing, ad·min·is·ters
1. To have charge of; manage.
a. To give or apply in a formal way: administer the last rites.
b. To apply as a remedy: administer a sedative.
c. To direct the taking of (an oath).
3. To mete out; dispense: administer justice.
4. To manage (a trust or estate) under a will or official appointment.
5. To impose, offer, or tender (an oath, for example).
1. To manage as an administrator.
2. To minister: administering to their every whim.

[Middle English administren, from Old French administrer, from Latin administrāre : ad, ad- + ministrāre, to manage (from minister, ministr-, servant; see minister).]

ad·min′is·tra·ble (-ĭ-strə-bəl) adj.
ad·min′is·trant adj. & n.


able to be administered or managed
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Adj.1.administrable - capable of being administered or managedadministrable - capable of being administered or managed
manageable - capable of being managed or controlled


Capable of being governed:
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Desktop,switch (switch) administrable,firewall device (device and network perimeter security),electronic equipment rack (rack),color printer etc.
Aysha Bu Unq, inaugurated a specialized highly-sensitive workshop on moderate anesthesia administrable by non-anesthesiologists organized by the Anesthesiology Department in the Salmaniya Medical Complex (SMC) in the Arabian Gulf University (AGU)'s auditorium as part of ongoing job training and education.
NAA/NMHC are preparing a comment letter insisting that these extremely complex regulations be made more administrable to avoid unduly adding to compliance burdens for the apartment industry.
The overarching goal of the forums is to make the VAT system in Europe more administrable.
Simple Web TV is the affordable, one-time payment solution for creating professional and administrable video-based websites.
After working with congressional officials for more than eight years on expatriation taxation, the AICPA stated that the new rules signed into law in June are more administrable and simpler than originally proposed.
An important question thus arises from Greenawalt's analysis of the establishment clause and fairness: In a totality-of-the-circumstances approach to establishment clause claims, are government defenses systematically less judicially workable or administrable than establishment clause claims?
AlphaRx is a specialty pharmaceutical company utilizing proprietary site-specific nanoparticulate drug delivery systems to develop novel formulations of drugs that are insoluble or poorly soluble in water or have yet to be administrable to the human body with an acceptable delivery method.
Technical Advice Memorandum 200437030 discusses the question of administrable impracticality in an evaluation of how gift certificates should be treated.
The most we can say is that Congress intended the tax provisions to be both efficiently administrable and fair, and that this case reveals the tension that sometimes exists when Congress seeks to meet those twin aims.
The Fair Tax would be simple, inexpensive, understandable, administrable, visible, equitable and respectful of privacy rights.
Affirming what he called the "long and productive relationship" between the Treasury Deparment and the accounting profession, Samuels said, "I hope you'll continue to provide your thoughtful and balanced comments as we work to provide necessary and, I hope, user-friendly tax guidance that will make the laws administrable and workable for all.

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