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v. ad·min·is·tered, ad·min·is·ter·ing, ad·min·is·ters
1. To have charge of; manage.
a. To give or apply in a formal way: administer the last rites.
b. To apply as a remedy: administer a sedative.
c. To direct the taking of (an oath).
3. To mete out; dispense: administer justice.
4. To manage (a trust or estate) under a will or official appointment.
5. To impose, offer, or tender (an oath, for example).
1. To manage as an administrator.
2. To minister: administering to their every whim.

[Middle English administren, from Old French administrer, from Latin administrāre : ad, ad- + ministrāre, to manage (from minister, ministr-, servant; see minister).]

ad·min′is·tra·ble (-ĭ-strə-bəl) adj.
ad·min′is·trant adj. & n.


able to be administered or managed
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Adj.1.administrable - capable of being administered or managedadministrable - capable of being administered or managed
manageable - capable of being managed or controlled


Capable of being governed:
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He said the nature of the problems in the 21st Century requires education based policy formulation in a way which is beyond frontiers, globally suitable and locally administrable.
In contrast to the centrally administrable NCP Exclusive Remote Access solution, it is an unmanaged standalone client.
As a professional association, TEI is firmly committed to maintaining a tax system that works--one that is administrable and with which taxpayers can comply in a cost-efficient manner.
However, the efforts to create an administrable drug to prevent HIV from turning infectious are still going on.
The patents, which expire in 2024, claim pharmaceutical compositions comprising a form of ferric citrate having an intrinsic dissolution rate of 1.88-4.0 mg/cm2/min, and orally administrable forms of ferric citrate prepared from a form of ferric citrate having an intrinsic dissolution rate of at least 1.88/mg/cm2/min, respectively.
Aysha Bu Unq, inaugurated a specialized highly-sensitive workshop on moderate anesthesia administrable by non-anesthesiologists organized by the Anesthesiology Department in the Salmaniya Medical Complex (SMC) in the Arabian Gulf University (AGU)'s auditorium as part of ongoing job training and education.
NAA/NMHC are preparing a comment letter insisting that these extremely complex regulations be made more administrable to avoid unduly adding to compliance burdens for the apartment industry.
In a statement posted on PasteBin, the hitherto unknown Arab Youth Group suggested the attack against Aramco's "administrable structures and substructures" had been carried out to protest what it claimed was the support shown to Israel and the United States by Saudi leaders.
Simple Web TV is the affordable, one-time payment solution for creating professional and administrable video-based websites.

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