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v. ad·min·is·tered, ad·min·is·ter·ing, ad·min·is·ters
1. To have charge of; manage.
a. To give or apply in a formal way: administer the last rites.
b. To apply as a remedy: administer a sedative.
c. To direct the taking of (an oath).
3. To mete out; dispense: administer justice.
4. To manage (a trust or estate) under a will or official appointment.
5. To impose, offer, or tender (an oath, for example).
1. To manage as an administrator.
2. To minister: administering to their every whim.

[Middle English administren, from Old French administrer, from Latin administrāre : ad, ad- + ministrāre, to manage (from minister, ministr-, servant; see minister).]

ad·min′is·tra·ble (-ĭ-strə-bəl) adj.
ad·min′is·trant adj. & n.


a person who administers
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A person having administrative or managerial authority in an organization:
Informal: exec.
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En effet, en administrant des particules microbiennes, la vaccination stimule le systeme immunitaire qui est ensuite capable de gerer lui-meme la maladie.
Iranian authorities arrested 22 Pakistani immigrants without documents and handed them over to administrant in Taftan.According to details, a group f 22 Pakistani citizens wanted to go to Europe via Greece and Iran in search of employment through agents for which they paid lakhs of rupees.
On his part, Major General Hatim, Al-Nur, the Director of the Prisons and Rehabilitation Administrant has announced the release of 1636 inmates in the Sudan first occasion of celebration of the African Prison day, in response to the recommendations of the conference of the African Committee for the Reform Services recently held in Kigali, with the participation of 23 African states, and the Sudan's participation with a high level delegation.
Gratissimum mihi erit si me certiorem de omnibus rebus huius conventus feceris et praeterea de rebus his: primum num nomen Professoris Gonin accipere possis inter eos qui ad hunc conventum deligati sint; deinde num ei qui summam rerum Reipublicae Gallicae administrant quid auxilii praestent legatis ad conventum missis.

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