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Yesterday Chapman returned to Teesside Crown Court for a short administrative hearing.
September 2008: Florida OIR rejects State Farm request for an administrative hearing.
But in a brief administrative hearing Mr Llwyd's solicitor, Gerallt Clwyd Jones, asked for the matter to be adjourned.
The 62-year-old, of Sullivan Walk, Hebburn, was given unconditional bail until the case returns to court on September 16 for an administrative hearing.
At an administrative hearing yesterday at Cardiff Crown Court, Judge Christopher Llewellyn Jones QC set the sentencing date for Friday, January 25.
At a pretrial review in Bridgend, a district judge said the case would be heard at Crown Court after a final administrative hearing in Bridgend on February 15.
Although criminal charges were dropped, Howard still faces an administrative hearing in which she could lose her business license.
At the administrative hearing, the IRS representative rejected the taxpayer's evidence of timely mailing of his return on the grounds the only acceptable proof was a certified or registered mail receipt.
and Theron Mills, faced an administrative hearing and possible fines of $7,500 each or more in connection with their trip.
The court found that the prisoner had no due process protected liberty interest implicated by his confinement in a punitive cell for eight hours without an administrative hearing.
Standards for Prohibition--Under the FDI Act and the Board's regulations, the ALJ is responsible for conducting an administrative hearing on a notice of intent to prohibit participation.
The unitary business group principle bad previously been reviewed in an administrative hearing decision, Abernathy Specialties, Inc.

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