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(ædˌmɪn əˈstreɪ trɪks)

n., pl. -is•tra•tri•ces (-əˈstreɪ trəˌsiz, -ə strəˈtraɪ siz)
a woman who is an administrator.
[1620–30; < Medieval Latin]
usage: See -trix.


n pl <administratrices> (Jur) → Nachlassverwalterin f
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12) Consequently, the Administratrix was sent on to Sydney, Nova Scotia, where the huskies were transferred to a local vessel bound for Montreal.
If there is no will, the court appoints an administrator (male) or administratrix (female) and provides them with letters of administration.
In Bennett, the plaintiff acted as the Administratrix of her mother's estate and brought a medical negligence action.
Later, a master granted an application to vary that order by identifying her as plaintiff "and administratrix with the will annexed of the said George Wellington Lunn"; the master also dismissed an application by Barber to rescind the order naming Mrs.
In October 2008, Alycia Dougherty, Jack's sister and administratrix of Jane Cole's estate, filed a three-count complaint concerning the estate of Jane Cole.
The plaintiff in Piper, who was actually the legal secretary of the lawyer handling the case, was appointed the administratrix of the decedents' estates by the California state court prior to filing suit.
Suit was filed by the Administratrix of the decedent's estate against numerous defendants, including, without limitation thereto, Drs.
An action was commenced in the Supreme Court by BT, on her own behalf and as administratrix of the estate of AT, who died prior to commencement of the proceedings.
Bankston died in 1996 before receiving all of the payments, so his estate's administratrix, Tincy Anthony, had to estimate their present value for estate tax purposes.
89) In Hubbard, the plaintiff, an Indiana resident and her husband's administratrix, brought a products liability suit against Hubbard, an Indiana manufacturer, alleging that a defect in a lift unit manufactured by Hubbard caused her husband's death while her husband, also an Indiana resident, worked in Illinois replacing street lights.
McVeigh, as administratrix of the Estate of McVeigh, deals with the estate of a federal employee who was mortally injured in an auto accident.
Incidentally, have you caught up with the Lynne Truss book in which she points out that the rarely-used female form of administrator is administratrix - and that its plural becomes the weird and wonderful administratrices?