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v. ad·mired, ad·mir·ing, ad·mires
1. To regard with pleasure, wonder, and approval: admired the sculptures at the art museum.
2. To have a high opinion of; esteem or respect: I admired her ability as a violinist.
3. Chiefly New England & Upper Southern US To enjoy (something): "I just admire to get letters, but I don't admire to answer them" (Dialect Notes).
4. Archaic To marvel or wonder at.
v.intr. New England & Upper Southern US
To marvel at something. Often used with at.

[French admirer, from Old French amirer, from Latin admīrārī, to wonder at : ad-, ad- + mīrārī, to wonder (from mīrus, wonderful; see smei- in Indo-European roots).]

ad·mir′er n.
ad·mir′ing·ly adv.
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Adv.1.admiringly - with admirationadmiringly - with admiration; "he looked at his wife admiringly"
s obdivem
beundringsværdigtmed beundring
meî aîdáun


[ədˈmaɪərɪŋlɪ] ADV [say, describe] → con admiración
to speak admiringly of sbhablar con admiración de algn
he looked at her admiringlyle lanzó una mirada (llena) de admiración, le lanzó una mirada admirativa


[ədˈmaɪərɪŋli] adv [say, write, look] → avec admiration


[ədˈmaɪərɪŋlɪ] advcon ammirazione


(ədˈmaiə) verb
1. to look at with great pleasure and often to express this pleasure. I've just been admiring your new car.
2. to have a very high opinion of (something or someone). I admire John's courage.
ˈadmirable (ˈӕdmə-) adjective
extremely good. His behaviour during the riot was admirable.
ˈadmirably (ˈӕdmə-) adverb
extremely well. He's admirably suited to the job.
admiration (ӕdmiˈreiʃən) noun
They were filled with admiration at the team's performance.
adˈmirer noun
1. one who admires (someone or something). He is an admirer of Mozart.
2. a man who is attracted by a particular woman. She has many admirers.
adˈmiring adjective
an admiring glance.
adˈmiringly adverb
References in classic literature ?
We all stood by and watched admiringly while Fuchs rode into the corral with a pitchfork and prodded the bulls again and again, finally driving them apart.
Thence, with native audacity, but still with a reserve as characteristic, she flew into the midst of a group of mariners, the swarthy-cheeked wild men of the ocean, as the Indians were of the land; and they gazed wonderingly and admiringly at Pearl, as if a flake of the sea-foam had taken the shape of a little maid, and were gifted with a soul of the sea-fire, that flashes beneath the prow in the night-time.
Good-by, Mas'r George," said Tom, looking fondly and admiringly at him.
She thought you had gone mad like a dog," said Mary, not at all admiringly.
She looked admiringly at Magdalen's cloak and bonnet.
It was as if I had seen her admiringly and tenderly embracing Dora, and tacitly reproving me, by her considerate protection, for my hot haste in fluttering that little heart.
exclaimed the general, gazing admiringly on Kiouni.
In turning the corner of the Rue Montmartre, in order to reach the Rue Tiquetonne and the Hotel de la Chevrette, where he had appointed Porthos to meet him, he saw at one of the windows of the hotel, that friend himself dressed in a sky-blue waistcoat, embroidered with silver, and gaping, till he showed every one of his white teeth; whilst the people passing by admiringly gazed at this gentleman, so handsome and so rich, who seemed to weary of his riches and his greatness.
But King Neptune had kept no blind look-out; he had been looking admiringly on the battle from his seat on the topmost crests of wooded Samothrace, whence he could see all Ida, with the city of Priam and the ships of the Achaeans.
But her mistake was so ingenious in its wrongheadedness and arose so obviously from the distraction of an acute mind, that I couldn't help looking at her admiringly.
They settled down beside each other in the front seat and he was aware that her lovely eyes, so violet-blue and ivory-white, were studying him admiringly.
In these so-called books, the chief lover, or Greek god, as he is admiringly referred to--by the way, they do not say which "Greek god" it is that the gentleman bears such a striking likeness to; it might be hump-backed Vulcan, or double-faced Janus, or even driveling Silenus, the god of abstruse mysteries.