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Noun1.admission price - the fee charged for admissionadmission price - the fee charged for admission  
fee - a fixed charge for a privilege or for professional services
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In central Taiwan, Dongshih Forest Garden offers NT$160 early-bird admission price; Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village offers NT$650 admission; and Atayal Resort gives free admission to people who were born in the year of the pig.
I noted on York's website that after disappointing numbers at the Ebor meeting - which did not surprise me owing to the astronomical admission price to the County stand and the antiquated jacket-and-tie rule - they announced the standard dress code for that stand would be dropped last Sunday, with an admission price of PS26 - half of that for Ebor day.
Who it's good for: Families with young children When: April 15 and April 22, 12-3pm Price: Normal admission price Contact:; 01492 650460 CASTLE ENTERTAINMENT at Penrhyn Castle, Bangor Plenty of family fun on the menu.
The special $5 adult price discount on August 23 represents a costs savings of nearly 80 percent off the regular adult museum admission price of $24.
HIBS Cheapest walk-up admission price for an adult - PS22 Cheapest walk-up price for a child of 14 or under - PS1PS2 Match programme - PS2.50 Pie at the stadium - PS2.50 Coke - PS2.50 Day out (one adult, two kids, one programme, food and drink for three) PS63.50 DEAN'S VERDICT I have never found Hibs to be great in terms of family deals.
Mr Amos said: "Though there is no maximum admission price under League rules, it seems to me that this is shortsighted, misjudged and a public relations disaster." West Auckland say that they will face substantial extra costs of stewarding and other areas because of the larger-thannormal crowd.
We have teamed up with the Birmingham Brummies to offer our readers the chance to see all the action from the opening night for the vastly-reduced adult admission price of just pounds 10!
If you set an admission price at the start of the season you should stick to it."
His musical "square off" with guitarist Richie Sambora on a show-stopping Wanted: Dead Or Alive was worth the admission price alone.
A story on Page E1 Sunday did not mention the added fee on top of the regular admission price of $11 for adults and $9 for youths and seniors.
There are numerous ways to emphasize value on a specific event, including an admission price and charges for quality food, services, and merchandise.
Continuous screenings of classic works, lifesize plastic models and special exhibits all make the place well worth the Y400 admission price Y200 for kids).