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a. The act of admitting or allowing to enter: The admission of new students occurs in the spring.
b. The right to enter or be accepted: The ticket grants admission to the show.
c. The price required or paid for entering; an entrance fee.
d. The people admitted, as to an institution: Hospital admissions rose last month.
a. A disclosure or confession, as of having made a mistake or done something wrong.
b. A voluntary acknowledgment of a fact or truth; a concession: By his own admission the project was underfunded.
c. Law A statement against one's personal interests that can be used as evidence in a law case.

[Middle English, from Latin admissiō, admissiōn-, from admissus, past participle of admittere, to admit; see admit.]

ad·mis′sive (-mĭs′ĭv) adj.
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Adj.1.admissive - characterized by or allowing admission; "an Elizabethan tragedy admissive of comic scenes"
receptive, open - ready or willing to receive favorably; "receptive to the proposals"
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That the paper prints such low opinions is admissive of its complicity in promoting the yellow variant of journalism.
The plague broke the deadlock, and allowed Europeans to rebuild their demographic and economic systems in ways more admissive of further development" (81).