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adj. Biology
Joined or united with a part or organ of a different kind, as stamens attached to petals.

[Latin adnātus, variant of agnātus, past participle of agnāscī, to grow upon; see agnate.]

ad·na′tion n.


the adhesion or cohesion of different plants
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It is unclear if the petals were completely free, born on the rim of a hypanthium (implying adnation of calyx and corolla), or if they were fused at the bases and free at the tips, where the separation would occur at a level obscured by the calyx.
Two years later, AdNation Middle East wrote an article highlighting the practice of attracting journalists to press conferences by enticing them with offers of gifts.
According to a report on Dubai-based Adnation , Samsung has now issued a statement disowning the work.