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1. Delightful, lovable, and charming: an adorable set of twins.
2. Worthy of adoration.

a·dor′a·bil′i·ty, a·dor′a·ble·ness n.
a·dor′a·bly adv.


the quality of being adorable or highly attractive
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Noun1.adorability - extreme attractivenessadorability - extreme attractiveness    
attractiveness - sexual allure
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Since last few decades there is a sharp rise in demand for IoT that is credited to rising popularity of related devices, enhanced web service, increase in adorability level, accessibility of cloud computing system and falling expense of sensors as well as processors.
While she needs anger management lessons more than her medical degree, Bhatt manages to inject a certain adorability. The scene where she tearfully implores her parents to let her continue her studies breaks your heart.
"The Last Jedis" new space puffins are also built for maximum adorability, with big, soulful eyes.
(3) The word "adorability" has particular resonance in
You now have Jupiter, Mercury and Venus in your sign, giving you the luck, talk and adorability you need to get the job done.
Barrymore oozes adorability, while Collette has the meatier role and teases out the selfishness of her ambitious career woman, who has always prided herself on being able to arouse her husband.
In contrast Lebanese families -- mothers and grandmothers particularly -- will typically treat their offspring like demigods, showering them with compliments and pleas to "bury" them with adorability -- the surest way to inject a superiority complex that knows no bounds.