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tr.v. a·dorned, a·dorn·ing, a·dorns
1. To lend beauty to: flowers adorned the walkway.
2. To enhance or decorate with or as if with ornaments: "[He] requires the presence of titles to legitimate and adorn ... his imperfect status" (Cynthia Ozick).

[Middle English adornen, from Old French adourner, from Latin adōrnāre : ad-, ad- + ōrnāre, to decorate; see ar- in Indo-European roots.]

a·dorn′er n.


someone who adorns
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Dudley Digges, in 1604, defends poetry because he honors "the noble adorner of that practise Sir Philip Sidney," and in 1614, Richard Carey exclaimed "will you have all in all for Prose and verse?
Both Visual Studio 2010 and Microsoft Expression Blend 3 feature an enhanced design-time experience with smart tag adorners that are quick to use and informative, new data binding designer support, and integration with the new WPF 4 visual state manager for impressive stylability.
TRANSLATION OF THE FIRST BOOK OF ANWARI SOHEILY The Jewellers of the Row of the market of significations; and the money changers of the Assay house of eloquence, and the face unveilers of the wonders of stories, and the form adorners of the marvels of tales, have in this wise given ornament to the introduction to the volumes of chronicles, and in this way have exhibited the flourished lines * and adornments of the illuminated headings of the pages of fictions.