adrenalin junkie


adrenalin(e) junkie

n (inf)Adrenalinjunkie m (inf)
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Racer and adrenalin junkie Guy (left) examines the science of speed.
Shooting also took place in Moscow and Vancouver as adrenalin junkie Tom again performed his own stunts.
ADRENALIN junkie Lowri Morgan has become the first Welshwoman to visit the remains of the Titanic off the Canadian coast.
The tattooed adrenalin junkie is big mates with Jane's' controversial frontman Perry Farrell and has played with the group in the past.
I'm an adrenalin junkie and that's just the ultimate adrenalin rush.
SELF-CONFESSED adrenalin junkie Amy Williams craves a slice of the quiet life after making a mockery of the fastest and most dangerous ice chute in the world to claim a historic Winter Olympic skeleton gold for Great Britain.
We talked about his love for his five children and how he can't bare to watch Jack on the TV programme Adrenalin Junkie.
A RACER'S life may seem glamorous but struggling to and from circuits can curb the enthusiasm of the biggest adrenalin junkie, writes PAUL MYLES.
The Celebrity Adrenalin Junkie showed off his real ambitions, adding: "Relationships are too much hassle.
AN adrenalin junkie killed himself because he could not cope with being paralysed, an inquest heard yesterday.
Adrenalin junkie Adil, from Glasgow, but who now lives in Leeds, said: "I felt amazing relief on surviving one of the toughest challenges I have done.