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(əˈdrɛnəlɪn) or


(Biochemistry) a hormone that is secreted by the adrenal medulla in response to stress and increases heart rate, pulse rate, and blood pressure, and raises the blood levels of glucose and lipids. It is extracted from animals or synthesized for such medical uses as the treatment of asthma. Chemical name: aminohydroxyphenylpropionic acid; formula: C9H13NO3. US name: epinephrine


or ep•i•neph•rin

(ˌɛp əˈnɛf rɪn)

1. a hormone secreted by the adrenal medulla upon stimulation by the central nervous system in response to stress, as anger or fear, and acting to increase heart rate, blood pressure, cardiac output, and carbohydrate metabolism.
2. a commercial preparation of this substance, used chiefly as a heart stimulant and antiasthmatic.
Also called adrenaline.
[1895–1900; epi- + Greek nephr(ós) kidney + -ine2]


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Noun1.adrenaline - a catecholamine secreted by the adrenal medulla in response to stress (trade name Adrenalin)adrenaline - a catecholamine secreted by the adrenal medulla in response to stress (trade name Adrenalin); stimulates autonomic nerve action
pressor, vasoconstrictive, vasoconstrictor - any agent that causes a narrowing of an opening of a blood vessel: cold or stress or nicotine or epinephrine or norepinephrine or angiotensin or vasopressin or certain drugs; maintains or increases blood pressure
endocrine, hormone, internal secretion - the secretion of an endocrine gland that is transmitted by the blood to the tissue on which it has a specific effect
neurotransmitter - a neurochemical that transmits nerve impulses across a synapse
catecholamine - any of a group of chemicals including epinephrine and norepinephrine that are produced in the medulla of the adrenal gland


n. adrenalina, marca registrada de la epinefrina, hormona usada como vasoconstrictor secretada por la médula suprarrenal.


n adrenalina
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