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 (ə-drē′nə-līz′, ə-drĕn′ə-)
tr.v. ad·re·nal·ized, ad·re·nal·iz·ing, ad·re·nal·izes
To stir up and spur to action.
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(əˈdriːnəlaɪzd) or


tense or highly charged: adrenalized with excitement.
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For fast, furious and fully adrenalised four-wheeled thrills, book tickets for TeamSport Indoor Go Karting in Farnborough - just over the Surrey border.
From the above, one can directly deduce that these male suspected killers are at the adrenalised age bracket of youth.
"Theatre is highly adrenalised, especially the sort of stuff I seem to do, and it kind of takes over."
As bizarre as it may sound, I've actually spent three hours staring at a blank screen, followed by 20 minutes of adrenalised typing.
Higgins said: "You're adrenalised. Your heart rate goes up when you're about to go into something and you want to make sure you do it right."
"That's the kind of band I want to be in and there's a lot of uptempo, adrenalised music because we were out on the road.
This is an adrenalised, thrilling read but beware, love and romance are never very prominent within its pages.
Songs such as Starry Eyed and Animal were thrilling blasts of adrenalised pop and saw the singer pounding on a snare drum at the front of the stage.
"I've heard about the high visibility the waters have for divers so I might check that out next." Taha encourages those residing in Qatar to not only take the tours, but to also take courses in scuba diving and dune crashing - to name a few - provided by Regency to take up the adrenalised sports safely and professionally.
The mood is adrenalised, someone in the Congress war room obviously thinks that enough is enough as far as the BJP's negative mindset is concerned.
Once done, Greer explains how he and 30 fellow vets have been on hand at every stage of the game's development to ensure Warfighter feels as true to military reality as an adrenalised game can be.