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 (ə-drē′nə-līz′, ə-drĕn′ə-)
tr.v. ad·re·nal·ized, ad·re·nal·iz·ing, ad·re·nal·izes
To stir up and spur to action.


(əˈdriːnəlaɪzd) or


tense or highly charged: adrenalized with excitement.
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That's the kind of band I want to be in and there's a lot of uptempo, adrenalised music because we were out on the road.
Songs such as Starry Eyed and Animal were thrilling blasts of adrenalised pop and saw the singer pounding on a snare drum at the front of the stage.
Taha encourages those residing in Qatar to not only take the tours, but to also take courses in scuba diving and dune crashing - to name a few - provided by Regency to take up the adrenalised sports safely and professionally.
Adrenalised by the recent moves, he indicated the unleashing of more measures shortly to boost the economy.
Once done, Greer explains how he and 30 fellow vets have been on hand at every stage of the game's development to ensure Warfighter feels as true to military reality as an adrenalised game can be.
Standout number All For Nothing adrenalised both fans and band alike, and although they showed potential, it was overshadowed with a strangely dull atmosphere and mediocre performance.
The run itself was the most adrenalised moment of my life.
It is full of adrenalised muscle and reacts as you would if you were burnt ( it tenses up and if you serve it up straight away, it is tougher than it should be," David says.
When your work is as adrenalised and enjoyable as mine, adequately filling the time when you don't have anything to do can be a little nightmarish.
PANIC DHH, or Panic Drives Human Herds to give them their full moniker, fuse punk and metal with the industrial soundscapes of Ministry and Skinny Puppy, adrenalised with electronic experimentation to create something dark yet full of exhilarating life.