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 (ə-drē′nə-līz′, ə-drĕn′ə-)
tr.v. ad·re·nal·ized, ad·re·nal·iz·ing, ad·re·nal·izes
To stir up and spur to action.
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An iron law of buttoned down caution pervades the upper echelons of organized labour, and it has yet to Learn that bargaining concessions merely adrenalize the capitalist feeding frenzy on working people.
DOUBLE disc deluxe editions of the million selling albums which feature live tracks and B-sides in the case of Adrenalize and a full gig from Los Angeles Forum 1983 on Pyromania.
Now, in honour of last weekend's Download appearance, two of their albums, 1983's Pyromania and 1987's Adrenalize, have been rereleased as deluxe editions.
Def Leppard do not have a new album to promote at the show but there are deluxe editions of their hit albums Pyromania and Adrenalize released this week.
Regardless of their new-found affection, the band still faced credibility issues here that were not a problem in the US, where they cruised to Bon Jovi style success with their fifth album, Adrenalize.
And for the Leps, Pour Some Sugar On Me and Animal, both from their monster hit album, Hysteria, and Let's Get Rocked, from Adrenalize, got the best reaction.