(ə-drē′nə-līz′, ə-drĕn′ə-)
tr.v. ad·re·nal·ized, ad·re·nal·iz·ing, ad·re·nal·izes
To stir up and spur to action.
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(əˈdriːnəlaɪzd) or


tense or highly charged: adrenalized with excitement.
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Full of sweaty, adrenalized carnage and epic punk anthems-inwaiting, a Loose Articles concert will surely restore your faith in guitar music.
Adrenalized by politicians and the media exploiting the refugee crisis, the population resorts to vigilante justice.
When the series was announced last autumn, the BBC described it as an "adrenalized, emotionally gripping and resonant drama".
But once opener An Air Conditioned Man gets going, you'll be hopelessly hooked by the simplicity of the bass-and-drum collaboration and soaring guitars that have as much appeal in them as an adrenalized REM song.
In the air amid the flamboyant displays of money and adrenalized trading on suitcase-sized machines is the idea of tycoons becoming the new rock stars, much the way Michael Milken or Leona Helmsley were briefly able to do.
(Mayans debuted as the highest-rated cable series of the year, quickly scoring a second-season renewal.) Gibbons, who created the nightmare-inducing devil-spawn posters for American Horror Story and staged an elaborate ball in New York for the launch of Pose, plans to "survive and thrive" as the Disney acquisition of the network "has reset the GPS." The media-saturated 14-year FX veteran keeps up with Peak TV everywhere from the checkout line to the doctor's office, saying, "It's more surreal than dripping clocks when I see my iOS weekly screen-time total." But other than an early waitressing gig with free pancakes, "Professionally, it's the most adrenalized I've ever been."
Phylogenetically, unusual combinations could signal danger or opportunity, either one evoking an adrenalized respondent reaction.
A fabulously diverse record that effortlessly transcends the band'sroots in adrenalized R&B, Spitting Image is the brainchild of four precocious and focused lads who ensured that things were done their way throughout.
He notes that while the number of Germans traveling to join the Islamic State has slowed to a trickle, there has been a surge in violent Islamist extremism inside the country, creating concern that returning foreign fighters will add "lethal capabilities to an already highly adrenalized Islamist community." Andrew Zammit outlines how the jihadi threat in Australia has transformed since the Islamic State called for attacks in Western countries.
GP I--(M GP)--patients in this group received 1.5% adrenalized lignocaine 13 mL and 0.5% bupivacaine 13 mL plus 10% MgSO4-2 mL.
When he finishes, he stashes the money in the trunk of his BMW and sets off on an adrenalized drive downtown, darting through traffic and nervously checking to see if anyone is following him.
The Upset Prevention and Recovery Training Association recommended addressing startle through adrenalized learning.