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 (ə-drē′nō-kôr′tĭ-kō-stĕr′oid, -stîr′-)


(əˈdri noʊˌkɔr tɪ koʊˈstɛr ɔɪd, -ˈstɪər-)

any of a group of steroid hormones produced by the cortex of the adrenal gland.
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The increase in glucose level may be due to stress caused by rumen impaction which leads to release of adrenocorticosteroid release, which has glycogenolytic effect causing hyperglycemia (Hussain and Uppal, 2012).
Denenberg, "The role of prolactin in the depressed or 'buffered' adrenocorticosteroid response of the rat," Journal of Endocrinology, vol.

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