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A language that influences a neighboring language, as by being a source of loanwords.

ad·stra′tal (-strāt′əl) adj.
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Smith explores substrate or adstrate influence in phonology, while Gbe influence in the left periphery is the subject of a chapter by Aboh.
As is well known, Ossetic shares a lot of features with the neighbouring Caucasian languages at all levels; therefore we could hypothesize a powerful influence of the Caucasian substrate or adstrate (Abaev 1970a = 1995); contact induced phenomena, taking into account the bi- and sometimes trilingual situation of the population (Thordarson 1985), cannot of course be denied; in the case of aspect, however, they can be postulated, if at all, in the sense that contact with Georgian and Russian could have strengthened or accelerated already present tendencies.