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(ædˈzuːkɪ) ,




1. (Plants) a leguminous plant, Phaseolus angularis, that has yellow flowers and pods containing edible brown seeds; widely cultivated as a food crop in China and Japan
2. (Cookery) the seed of this plant
Also: adzuki bean or adsuki bean
[adzuki, from Japanese: red bean]
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A delighted spokesman for Infinity Foods said sales of pulses had shot up 1,000%, and it sold out of aduki beans the day after the first programme.
Laced with ground rice, almonds and aduki beans, it's an almost painful experience.
She spends about 10 minutes going on at them, in a weird mid-Atlantic-Scottish accent about how they're killing themselves, then makes them commit to a diet of guava, yams and aduki beans.
Helen Ambrosen, creator of the Lush Skincare Collection, goes to market for ingredients to comply with the Lush fresh philosophy and has concocted a cosmetic salad of avocado, tangerine, coconut, ground almonds, aduki beans, lemons, papaya and more, mixed them with oils and fixers and produced a collection that smells good enough to eat.
These include fenugreek (trigonella foenum-graecum), spicy sprouts ideal for stirfries, aduki beans (vigna angularis), slightly spicytasting beans with large seeds, and mung bean (vigna radiata), the original Chinese beansprout, star of a million take-aways.
Try chickpeas, mung beans, lentils, aduki beans, borlotti beans and butter beans.
People are putting a new diet - and sex - regime into overdrive by buying alfalfa seeds, pumpkin seeds, mung beans, aduki beans and blue green algae.
BLUE, INDIGO AND VIOLET (beetroot, red cabbage, aubergines, red kale, black grapes, blueberries, bilberries, blackberries, aduki beans, kidney beans) Their anthocyanins improve circulation, prevent blood clots and help slow the effects of ageing.
Then make an effort to alter your diet to include red meat, wholegrain cereals, nuts, beans -such as red kidney beans, mung beans and aduki beans - and brewer's yeast.
Sunflower, sesame and pumpkin can all be sprouted as can mung beans, alfalfa seeds, whole lentils, chickpeas, aduki beans.