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(ædˈzuːkɪ) ,




1. (Plants) a leguminous plant, Phaseolus angularis, that has yellow flowers and pods containing edible brown seeds; widely cultivated as a food crop in China and Japan
2. (Cookery) the seed of this plant
Also: adzuki bean or adsuki bean
[adzuki, from Japanese: red bean]
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The pie gets its name from the Chinese, who describe adukis as red uk) dragon beans and are pretty apt for a freshly cooked meal in a charming caf on the North Wales coast.
"The adukis give it a depth of flavour, it's really tasty."
There are recycled plastic jars of organic fairtrade adukis, sunflower seeds, couscous, basmati rise and red lentils and tins of organic baked beans.