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1. advance.
2. adverb.
3. adverbial.
4. against.
5. advertisement.
6. adviser.
7. advisory.
[< Latin adversus]
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Lecount tried he r first experiment by leading the conversation to the subject of London, and to the relative adv antages offered to residents by the various quarters of the metropolis on both sides of the river.
Equity Index volume averaged 5 million contracts per day in August 2019, up 109% from August 2018 and the third-highest monthly ADV on record.
Gilt ADV up 42% y/y; OI up 14% y/y including a record in the month
Separately Managed Accounts: When you are preparing your ADV Annual Amendment, forget your current understanding as to what an "SMA" is.
Here, we describe a fetus/neonate prenatally diagnosed with the extrahepatic drainage type of ADV with a partial liver defect.
Although miRNAs have been examined in Adv type 3-infected human laryngeal epithelial cells and Adv type 2-infected human lung fibroblast cells [19,20], there is no research about small RNA profiling in whole blood of Adv-infected pneumonia children.
In a just-released information update, the agency's Division of Investment Management clarified its view that if a firm filing a Form ADV does not have enough data to provide a complete response to a new or amended question in Item 5 or Section 5 of Schedule D after Oct.
Besides biochemical tests, Adv 36 specific antibody and viral DNA in blood samples were investigated in all subjects, while viral nucleic acid with real-time PCR from adipose tissue was investigated only in obese subjects.
Also, the company said that its financial ADV reduced 11% mainly because of lower volatility in equity and interest rate markets, as compared to the prior January, with European interest rate ADV down 3% year over year and equity indices reduced by 39% year over year, slightly offset by FX and CDS futures ADV, which was up 23% year over year.
Titers of AdV antigen (estimated from the optical density [OD]) of each genotype were compared to those of the total group using the Student t-test.
of or relating to dreams about light [] phoneirically adv.