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tr.v. ad·vect·ed, ad·vect·ing, ad·vects
1. To convey horizontally by advection.
2. To transport (a substance) by advection.

[Back-formation from advection.]


vb (intr)
(Environmental Science) (of air, water) to move horizontally
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Verb1.advect - convey by horizontal mass movement of a fluidadvect - convey by horizontal mass movement of a fluid; "energy advected from the environment"
transport - move something or somebody around; usually over long distances
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1999) showed that, equatorward of the Grand Banks, the deep western boundary current (DWBC) appears weaker when it advects a larger fraction of LSW.
Sometimes fog simply advects from one place to another.
This could lead to a degradation of the signature of a detected pattern, as it advects downwind (a detrimental effect for predictive purposes).
What the low pressure system ahead of the high pressure cell does provide, is the ambulatory mechanism that advects the cold air from south to north.
This advects significant amounts of up welled water into the open Arabian Sea during the southwest monsoon and acts as a conduit for Gulf of Oman.
Positive values are associated with a stronger Aleutian Low, which advects more relatively warmer air into Alaska (particularly in winter, when this semipermanent feature is the strongest).