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 (ăd′vĕn-tĭsh′ə, -vən-)
The membranous outer covering of an organ or a blood vessel.

[New Latin, from Latin adventīcius, foreign; see adventitious.]

ad′ven·ti′tial adj.
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(ˌædvɛnˈtɪʃɪə; -ˈtɪʃə)
(Anatomy) the outermost covering of an organ or part, esp the outer coat of a blood vessel
[C19: New Latin, from the neuter plural of Latin adventīcius; see adventitious]
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(ˌæd vɛnˈtɪʃ i ə, -ˈtɪʃ ə)

n., pl. -ti•as.
the outer tissue layer of an organ, esp. that of a blood vessel.
[1875–80; < Latin adventīcia, neuter pl. of adventīcius adventitious]
ad`ven•ti′tial, adj.
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Noun1.adventitia - an enveloping or covering membrane or layer of body tissueadventitia - an enveloping or covering membrane or layer of body tissue
tissue layer, membrane - a pliable sheet of tissue that covers or lines or connects the organs or cells of animals or plants
albuginea - whitish tunic
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Start and end points were marked with 10/0 nylon sutures placed on the adventitia. Blood flow was assured by milking test in both artery and vein.
in 1956 as a condition resulting from the split between the vessel coats such as medial laminae and adventitia, with or without a tear of the tunica intima (inner vessel layer) (1).
(6) The dissection plane can also lie between the tunica media and adventitia, resulting in expansion of the arterial wall and development of a false channel or lumen.
Plaque Property: (1) Mixed plaque: if the same section shows multiple kinds of echo, the plaque is mixed plaque; (2) Calcified plaque: echo intensity of the plaque exceeds adventitia echo of coronary artery wall, accompanied with acoustic shadow at the rear of the plaque; (3) Fiber plaque: echo intensity of the plaque is similar to adventitia echo of coronary artery wall; (4) Lipid plaque: plaque echo is lower than adventitia echo of coronary artery wall.7
A dissection between the media and adventitia creates aneurysmal dilatation.
Therefore, the main difference between true aneurysm and pseudoaneurysm is the lack of an adventitia in pseudoaneurysm, where the whole wall is lacerated.[3],[4]
ICA could be clearly seen, and the adventitia was found to be intact.
The intestinal wall of the duodenum, jejunum and ileum from the hedgehog can be divided into mucosa, submucosa, muscular, and adventitia layers.
Care must be taken not to disturb the adventitia and blood supply.
Al revisar los terminos Tunica mucosa linguae (A05.1.04.011), Tunica serosa (A05.4.01.007), Tunica adventitia (A05.4.01.009), Tunica muscularis (A05.4.01.010), Tunica Mucosa (A05.4.01.015) y Tunica Mucosa oris (A05.1.01.002) se observa que en la traduccion al espanol por la Sociedad Anatomica Espanola, se identifican como: mucosa de la lengua, capa serosa, capa adventicia, capa muscular, capa mucosa y mucosa de la boca, respectivamente.
We also noted that whenever there is PVAT deposition in the adventitia, inflammatory cells are also present.
Although it is not involved in the carotid-femoral PWV pathway, we have recently shown using AFM that alterations in nanomechanical properties and collagen fibril morphology in the IMA adventitia are strongly correlated with high PWV [1].