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Involvement in risky enterprises, especially in foreign affairs, while disregarding established principles or adverse consequences.

ad·ven′tur·ist adj. & n.
ad·ven′tur·is′tic adj.
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relating to adventurism
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Adj.1.adventuristic - of or pertaining to adventurism
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Incidentally, unipolarity, as Walt states, tames the tension between the twin dangers of abandonment and entrapment significantly on behalf of the unipole: the weaker states tend to worry about the abandonment due to the unipole's declined dependency on their resources or allegiances, which decreases the likelihood of the unipole to be dragged into conflicts by its reckless and adventuristic allies.
These range from outdoor travel - including activities such as hiking, trekking, and even surfing for more adventuristic travellers.
Fuller in a bid to identify the logic of the madness: 'As the geopolitics of the world changes particularly with the emergence of new power centres like China, the return of Russia, the growing independence of Turkey, the resistance of Iran to US domination in the Gulf, the waywardness of Israel, and the greater role of India and many other smaller players the emergence of a more aggressive and adventuristic Saudi Arabia is not surprising.'
Soviet power, unlike that of Hitlerite Germany, is neither schematic nor adventuristic. It does not work by fixed plans.
As a result, Afrika has become the happy-hunting ground of adventuristic capital.
"abstract and adventuristic" and "anarcho-syndicalist in
He suggested that BSP had to engage in active negotiations with "all opposed to the current adventuristic government of GERB."
In his third chapter, however, O'Gorman contends that there are significant differences between the evangelical massive retaliation and adventuristic liberation worldviews, linking the latter to C.
Sergei Bocharov notes that even Prince Andrei's "Napoleonic" dream of his own Toulon is idealized, that "striving for glory and fame--in its new, modern, Napoleonic form--is an egotistic, adventuristic impulse" ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] 42).
Within the Iranian theocracy, the pragmatic wing is deeply opposed to the "adventuristic approach" of the supremacists, with the latter repeatedly predicting the "imminent collapse" of "the US empire" and Israel; and their axis of anti-US/anti-Israel forces is only a tool for them to mobilise the masses in a 1.5 bn-strong Muslim world of which the Sunnis account for about 90%.
Some reports indicated that British Prime Minister Tony Blair was in contact with Assad over the issue.Pelosi has injected a fresh breath of optimism in an otherwise stale environment; we hope the momentum would be maintained to get the region out of the dark tunnel it has been led into by the short sighted and adventuristic policies of the present US administration.