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Expressing antithesis or opposition: the adversative conjunction but.
A word that expresses antithesis or opposition.

[Latin adversātīvus, from adversātus, past participle of adversārī, to oppose, from adversus, against; see adverse.]

ad·ver′sa·tive·ly adv.


(ədˈvɜːsətɪv) grammar
(Linguistics) (of a word, phrase, or clause) implying opposition or contrast. But and although are adversative conjunctions introducing adversative clauses
(Linguistics) an adversative word or speech element


(ædˈvɜr sə tɪv)

1. expressing contrariety, opposition, or antithesis: “But” is an adversative conjunction.
2. an adversative word.
[1525–35; < Late Latin]
ad•ver′sa•tive•ly, adv.
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Adj.1.adversative - expressing antithesis or opposition; "the adversative conjunction `but' in `poor but happy'"
disjunctive - serving or tending to divide or separate
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Ong thinks that feminine openness toward the other, an instinctually positive disposition to the environment as a whole, is contrasted by a masculine adversative stance toward the world.
For the political establishment, his populist rhetoric are adversative to the traditional politics of the Netherlands that welcomes foreigners, believes in multiculturalism, and pro-EU in all ramifications; being one of the founding members of the union.
5) Epistemic ega ma mingi Makaiver ei ole particle EPI I some NAME NEG be 'I'm definitely not a MacGyver' (6) Adversative no ega seda saab ainult particle but EPI it.
A priori, la nature adversative et contradictoire du differend, du litige (5) --ce combat entre adversaires, en droit--rend le dialogue entre les parties difficile, sinon en toute apparence inapproprie ou impossible, nous en conviendrons.
This data might indicate that there is an overall marked preference for linking ideas through additive markers, and, for second choice, the use of adversative markers to construct arguments (Dafouz 2008).
The second part of the poem opens with the adversative "ma" ("but") which signals a tension between the state of being a "graft of countless contrasts" and the more concrete image of belonging to Italy.
To ascertain whether and how children's ideas were linked in their narratives, we coded each transcript for coherence indicators, including temporal, causal, additive, adversative, and prepositional markers (Fernandez, 2011).
Ramsay's request and expectation, the metaphor "some wave of sympathetic expansion" is even more specific, and the adversative "but" expresses her inner struggle.
Apart from the use of an abrupt stop that is punctuated as a dash and that may occur before an adversative conjunction, the essayist also includes three dots in order to indicate that something has been omitted.
This preliminary hearing (anakrisis) had an inquisitorial element, whereas the main trial was adversative in manner.
A general impairment in negative emotion recognition including empathy for pain was also found in manifest HD [12], so it is conceivable that the cortical processing of negative stimuli potentially preceding an adversative motor response may be an early phenotypic HD expression.